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Australia’s Leading Expert In Marketing For Small Business

There’s Nothing Linda Hailey Doesn’t Know About Marketing For Small Business

In fact, she wrote the book!! Until Linda came along it used to be assumed that to market a small business you used a smaller version of big business marketing theory. She blew that myth out of the water and even showed that some of those big business marketing theories were actually toxic to small business.

She’s built her expert reputation developing cost effective diagnostics and simple strategies that boost reputations, revenue and profit. She has worked with hundreds of small businesses business owners to inspire them to build successful enterprises.

Marketing for small business; How can you get some Linda logic??

Linda is known for her, professional, no-nonsense style of consulting and practical approach which makes the small business marketing process easy and logical.

Whether you are just starting out, coping with a growth spurt or want to expand big time you want the best possible advice. Here’s how your business can benefit from Linda’s fresh approach to marketing for small business.

She loves to work with interesting small businesses and motivated owners and is available for both face to face consulting and phone coaching.

She can help you develop a Vision Plan, the fast, inexpensive small business marketing plan.

See Linda In Action

You can see her on stage…she presents on a range of small business marketing topics at over 100 conferences and seminars a year ranging from large capital city conferences to smaller regional events.

You can read all about it. She has written two books, Kickstart Marketing, the system for boosting your bottom line and Your Business Your Future which shows you how to prepare for small business growth using timelines.

You can also see her in action on Kochie’s Business Builders TV program where she is a resident expert on small business marketing.