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In addition to her work with small business owners, Linda also works with regional business communities. Her travels take her all over Australia and she is especially passionate about the revitalisation of business communities in small rural and regional towns. Many of these towns are facing significant challenges and opportunities ranging from loss of major businesses to emerging industries and markets and she has developed a number of economic development programs to help Councils, Chambers of Commerce, business organisations and local business owners boost the local economy and generate revenue from both local and tourism markets.


If you can market a business you can market a town or region! Linda has developed a cost effective program for bringing the local business community together to capitalize on opportunities from local markets.

A Township Marketing program usually involves a day and half on site conducting a main street review, facilitating a discussion group with local business owners and running a strategy planning session. Following the onsite visit Linda develops a practical Township Marketing Plan detailing; first impressions, key issues, recommended strategies and marketing initiatives. To date she has developed plans for over 50 regional communities. The cost of a Township Marketing Plan varies depending on the size of the community and business precinct. A detailed proposal is prepared for each project but as a guide, Township Marketing Plans usually cost around $7,000 plus GST.


Motivational seminars plus one on one advice

Let’s face it, every town faces different challenges when it comes to boosting the business sector and every business needs different advice. This program combines Linda’s skills as a keynote speaker with her hands on experience as a consultant. A practical, information packed evening workshop gives all the participants an overview and understanding of the topic and ideas they can easily implement in their business. The following day Linda conducts five one on one sessions where she works on site showing individual business owners how to boost traffic and revenue. This program offers something for everyone from enthusiastic start up operators to established business owners who have seen it all.

Motivational Seminars

Whether it’s a road show for a region or a one off presentation in the local community hall, regional audiences want speakers that understand the impact of local issues like escape spending and growing tourism markets. Linda has a range of presentations that are practical, no-nonsense and full of regional examples.