Read all about my new book “The Start Up to Take Off Diary”

Been in the business less than 3 years?

Sometimes the story of how a book came to be written is almost as interesting as the book itself.

My new book has a working title of “From Start Up to Take Off”, it’s the diary of how one business was formed and grew over three action packed years.

It’s the book I never thought I would write as one of my “rules” as a business consultant was never to work with start up businesses.

My rational went something like this…

“There is already plenty of good free advice available out there and besides it’s like “herding cats” as the product is usually still in development, there’s no data in the business so it’s hard to make strategic decisions and start up owners kept changing their minds”.. or so I thought!!

Then, in 2009 I broke my golden rule when I met a young entrepreneur called Matthew Aker who was passionate about a concept he had for a business; and it was one of the best things that happened to me as a consultant. I thought I knew what it was like to be a start up and I admit I was wrong, very wrong.

This new book is the result of a three year project working with Matthew on his business; from developing the concept, deciding on the target market, finding premises right through to launch and then the battle of bringing in the dollars. He and I worked as a team as we rode the small business start up rollercoaster from battling bureaucrats to dealing with competitors and marketing a brand new business in an area he didn’t know, right through to finding the first staff member and coping with cash flow, or lack of it.

I was fascinated with the process and was able to help Matthew with the advice and skills he needed to survive and then thrive. We spoke or met several times a week and I kept notes of every meeting, copies of every email sent and received, details of every plan and without realizing it I had documented every single step of growing a small business in real time. Interestingly, Matthew had done the same thing so between us we had both sides of the story.

This book isn’t just a diary of one businesses journey it’s a template for growth that any small business can follow. From Matthew’s tips and tricks on how to do it easier (and cheaper) to Linda’s practical advice from the “consultant” perspective this is a how to guide for your first three years in business. Matthew’s even prepared to share some of his darker moments (remember, I have the heartfelt emails he wrote at 3am) and how he felt about his business at the various growth stages.

This book is part diary, part self help small business manual and a totally honest warts and all look at what it takes to grow a successful small business.

Like to know more? Drop me an email and I send you an update, or perhaps a chapter!!